Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for website
Company name: Lobster Phuket Co., Ltd.
Head office: 065-575-7888

You must be over 18 years old to be legally able to enter and use this site for booking and in accordance with the terms and conditions.
You are financially responsible for the use of the site as your behalf and on behalf of third parties, including minors, except in case of fraudulent use resulting from any fault or negligence on your part.
You are required to provide trustful and accurate information on you and/ or any third party for your data on this site.

The booking procedure shall include the following steps:
Follow the instructions and provide the maximum details
Indicate the provision(s) of your choice
The request is validly registered
Lobster transmits you as soon as possible and in any event within three days of your request by email, confirmation of the availability of your reservation and / or the corresponding quotation
After payment, your reservation is not definitively valid, email confirmation is your e-ticket.
Only after acceptance of your order(s) and the partner(s) after checking the availability of the service that you are guaranteed that the affected bank account for payment of the benefit is debited.
It is your responsibility to make sure that the details you provide during your booking are correct and you will receive confirmation of your reservation and/ or benefit from the products or services ordered.
Assuming you do not receive this confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact Lobster: bookings@lobsteryachtphuket.com

Staff at the Lobster Company is authorized to receive the information by phone about your credit card in order to adjust the requested services to the Lobster sailing excursion.
The interface used is secured by the system Paypal.
Once payment is made online via the E-commerce booking is definitely confirmed, regarding the cancellation of the booking: refer to the article “CANCELLATION & NO SHOW POLICY”.

Lobster reserves the right to change the ride or cancel the trip in case of bad weather.
If cancelled because of Lobster, passengers can be reimbursed or the tour is postponed to another date with your agreement.
Passengers must comply with the Rules in boat, prepared by Lobster, and to follow the orders of the captain. Passengers should arrive 30 minutes before departure time.
No reimbursement will be required in case of passenger delay.

The electronic ticket is a ticket unrealized. For all bookings, you must bring the booking reservation document, “the mail confirmation” it serves e-ticket.

Purchase an online booking on the website of Lobster is a contract that constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale offered by Lobster on whose behalf the booking has been made.
The electronic ticket issued by Lobster is personal and not transferable. It must be kept by the customer who made the reservation online for one or more people. 

Passengers must notify Lobster against any incapacity that would violate the provision of the services it offers (Water Activities: Maritime excursion, nautical and water sports, swimming, diving and snorkeling, etc…)
Passenger holds their own responsibility and will not be hold responsible of Lobster upon the occurrence of an injury related to their health status (disability, illness, etc…) either on board or during boarding operations or landing, or during water or water activities.
Passengers requiring, in view of their health, special assistance during the tour or water-related activities (the disabled, visually impaired…) are invited to notify the crew at Lobster booking. Lobster gives you an answer back if it’s possible or not depending about the security to up abroad and along the sailing.

Pregnant women can make a boat trip under their own responsibility, beyond 2 months to 6 months of pregnancy of age, subject to the presentation of a medical certificate Lobster of non-cons of shipping.
However, they cannot engage the responsibility of Lobster for any reason whatsoever upon the occurrence of an injury.
Lobster cannot be held responsible in case of occurrence of an injury, or any other incident in connection with pregnancy. Boating and water sports (water skiing, buoys towed, jet ski…) are prohibited for pregnant woman.

Whilst cruising, all passengers must remain seated. They will have to comply to the Rules and Instructions issued by Lobster during boarding and disembarkation, and on board, the settlement of the ship.
Passengers will be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever; they could cause to themselves or to other passengers, third party, or to persons Lobster goods. Lobster disclaims all liability for any injury occurring to passengers who are not complied with this requirement either on board or during boarding or disembarking.
It is the same for all damages of any kind caused to persons or property that is under the passenger guard.
On this occasion, minors ( 12 years old ) will remain the responsibility of the adult in charge travelling with them.
People who cannot swim or swim poorly must notify the cabin crew.
Lobster provides passenger lifejackets.
Lobster declines any responsibility in case of incidents or injuries occurred during swimming.

Any damage occurred during excursions or water-related activities must be reported by the passenger at Lobster before leaving the ship. In case of damage to themselves and / or their property (personal items…), passengers must notify the ship’s personnel.
Lobster establishes in presence of the passenger (s) concerned a contradictory report before leaving the ship.
Failure to comply with this requirement, passengers will be presumed to have landed safely and property in good condition.

Passengers can board their (s) material (s) personal (s) (Camera, mask, snorkel, fins) on their own responsibility. Lobster not responsible for the luggage, object (s) or material (s) personal (s) board (s) by the passenger, as well as money, jewelry or other valuables that remains during the excursions and all another activity proposed Lobster, under the exclusive responsibility of their owners.

Lobster offers passengers, free of charge, equipment under water and aquatic activities it offers ( towel, floating vest, etc….)
If necessary, the equipment failure does not entitle to a refund or any reduction. Lobster reserves the right to take legal actions against passengers who have voluntarily damaged or degraded material kindly loaded.

Lobster reserves the right to moderate alcohol consumption and smoking tobacco is allowed. For reasons of safety and passenger comfort, Lobster staff may need to limit or prohibit the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.
Drugs are not allowed on Lobster.
Lobster will be able to implement all the steps or constraints required in respect of passengers because of their behavior: endanger a person or staff member, degrade or deteriorate property owned by Lobster, prevent staff perform their duties; do not follow the guidelines and instructions of the staff or the captain.
Lobster reserves the right to disembark passengers because of their behavior are breach of security, tranquility, or the comfort of other passengers or staff.

Lobster informs you that the transmitted data remain in their entirety to Lobster discretion without that they can be transmitted to a third party.

Alcoholic beverage sold on board is regulated by Thai laws. It is forbidden by Thai Law to sell any alcoholic beverage on Buddha Day, King’s Birthday, etc. Lobster respects Thai Laws and will do its best to inform customers of such restrictions. However, dates are not all officially announced early enough in advance to allow Lobster to inform all customers of such restrictions. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to find the information ahead in advance before booking with Lobster.
No refund or any compensation will be provided by Lobster to customers for not selling alcoholic beverages by Thai Law.

This insurance does not cover:
1. Any Loss or Injury arising from or in consequence of the following causes:
Actions of the Insured while under the influence of alcohol, addictive drugs, narcotic drugs to the extent of being unable to control one's mind." The term "under the influence of alcohol" in case of having a blood test refers to a blood alcohol level of 150 mg percent and over.
Suicide or attempt suicide or self-inflicted injury.
Parasite infections except pyrogenic infections, tetanus, or rabies from a wound or cut suffered as a result of an accident.
Medical treatment or surgical treatment except the necessary treatment for the injury which is covered under this Insurance Policy and occurring within the period of this Insurance Policy.
Miscarriage and abortion.
Dental care or root canal treatment except the treatment occurring within 7 days from the date of accident.
Replacement of or new sets of dentures Crown, Prosthodontics
Backache as a result of Herniated Disc, Prolapse Disc, Subluxation or Spondylolisthesis, Degeneration or Spondylosis except if there is a fracture or dislocation of spinal cord as a result of an accident.
War (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, civil war, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion, popular rising against the government, riot and strike.
Nuclear weapons, radiation or radio activity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear refuse arising from the combustion of nuclear fuel and any process of self-sustaining nuclear fission/fusion.
2. Loss or Injury which occurs;

While the Insured pilots or works as a crew in any aircraft
While the Insured is taking part in a brawl or taking part in inciting a brawl.
While the Insured is committing a felony or while the Insured is being arrested, under arrest or escaping arrest.
While the Insured is incoming and stay with the Kingdom of Thailand as Illegals’ person.

The prices are in Baht. Prices for services are generally heard all taxes, fees and service costs related to included.
Payments made on the site are made by credit card (visa, mastercard are accepted) through a secure payment system Paypal.
In case of the payment appears to be invalid, incomplete or non-existent, for a reason that is attributable to you, the sales of these benefits would be canceled, the ensuing costs are at your expense, a civil and / or criminal which may, if necessary, be taken against you.

Cancellation made by Lobster:
We reserve the right to alter or cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as:
Cancellation made by Lobster:
We reserve the right to alter or cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as:
Equipment breakage or failure.
Bad weather by the Meteorological Department, a full refund will be offered
Adverse weather conditions which deem sailing unsafe, we suggest the charter being rescheduled upon availability.
If Lobster has a special event, we reserve the right to notify agents/clients 7 days before the trip date and cancelled the guests.
If Lobster does not meet the minimum quantity of guests of 20 clients for scheduled sailing, the trip may be cancelled, a full refund will be offered.
If Lobster cancels your trip due to these circumstances, we will offer you an alternative date, if no alternative date is agreeable, a full refund will be offered.
   Cancellation made by Guest:
Cancellations less than 24 hours before the trip date - no fee will not be refund.
Cancellations less than 72 hours before the trip date - 50% of fee is refundable.
Cancellations more than 72 hours before the trip date - a full refund will be offered.

No-show policy: For No-Show, we will keep 100% of the trip fee.

Lobster makes its best efforts to provide pictures and illustrations you with an overview of selected benefits.

It could be that certain activities offered by Lobster and indicated in the description on the site in unavailable, particularly for climatic reasons or force majeure.
Lobster reserves the right to put picture of customer aboard on her website and social network, if you do not want to have your picture on it, please let our manager crew know at your entry on the boat.

Lobster is the owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the site owned or held by their user rights.
Access to the site does not grant you any rights to the intellectual property rights related to the site which remains the exclusive property of Lobster.
The item available on the site, such as text, photographs, images, icons, maps, sounds, videos, software, database, and data is also protected by intellectual property rights.
Except as specifically set forth herein, you may not, under any circumstances, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, adapt, on any medium whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, or exploit in any way, all or part of the site without the prior written permission of Lobster.

On the site Lobster does not guarantee that the site is free of anomalies, errors or bugs or that they can be corrected, or that the site will operate without interruption or failure, nor that it is compatible with any hardware.
You declare to know the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, in particular its technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring data and the risks to the security of communications.